Oren Nightthorn


Name: Oren Nightthorn
Level 1 Seeker
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Age: 90 years old
Height: 6’0"
weight: 140 lbs.
Alignment: Unaligned
Deity: N/A, spirits of Harken Forest

Ability Scores:
Str: 10 +0
Con: 12 +1
Dex: 18 +4
Int: 10 +0
Wis: 18 +4
Cha: 10 +0

Hit Points
HP: 24
Bloodied: 12
Surge Value: 6
Surges/Day: 8

AC: 16
Fort: 11
Ref: 15
Will: 15

Speed: 7

Passive Insight: 14
Passive Perception: 21


Oren Nightthorn is the Seeker for the Woodsinger Clan, the elves that roam the south-eastern part of the Harken Forest. A few years back, a large goblin army invaded the south-western part of Harken Forest and pushed it’s way east, trying to eliminate the elves and Harkenwold in one fell swoop. The elves gathered amongst the limbs and underneath Ebonheart, the large tree at the center of their village. Their staunch defense turned the tide and forced the goblin army to retreat, but at a great cost. Many lives were lost including Oren’s mentor and the clan’s previous seeker Jarod Leafshard, along with their village and their beloved Ebonheart.

From that day, the Woodsinger Clan has roamed the south-western section of Harken Forest, building a new village closer to Harkenwold. The clan continues to launch hit-and-run tactics against the goblin army that now reside in the eastern half of the forest at Daggerburg, protecting the Old King’s road and keep their goblin menace in check until a more permanent solution can be found. With the death of his mentor, Oren has taken on the role of clan Seeker and has lead the guerrilla war against the goblins, armed with his bow made from the wood of Ebonheart. Through his bow he communes with the spirits of the land, who seek vengence as much as the elves of the Woodsinger Clan. The goblins will always look over their shoulders, wary that Nightthorn and his snipers stalk them through the forest.

But recently the spirits have been restless; there are whispers floating through the trees and on the wind claiming that a larger threat is on the rise, one that can threaten all of Nentir Vale. Oren, on behalf of the Woodsinger’s, has been sent to investigate.

Personality Traits:
Vindictive: The wrongs of the land and his people will be righted- one way or another.
Expediant: He will try to take advantage of every situation to further the goals of his people/group
Mercurial: His emotions change as swift as the wind, Ebonheart fueling his anger.

- Oren is able to communicate to the primal spirits through Ebonheart, and will seldom be seperated from his bow for any reason.
- Oren treats every situation as a hunt; placing himself near windows, facing exits and scouting out villages and buildings out of sight.

- Oren will always try to dress to blend in with his surroundings. His armor looks like it is part of the forest- leaf-edged and bright green. He will change his cloak to correspond with his environment: a cloak of leaves while hunting, a cloak of grays and browns while in an urban setting.

- Theran Silvermoon – leader of the Woodsinger Clan. A tolerant, compassionate leader that wishes to protect his clan and coincide with the human villages.
- Ebonheart – The bow carved from the great tree at the center of the elven city bearing the same name. When the great tree fell, the village fell with it. The pain and anger of the forest embodies that bow and influences Oren. Oren is as much as weapon for Ebonheart as Ebonheart is for him.
- Birel Spearwood – Woodsinger’s main merchant and ambassador with the human settlements of Harkenwold and Fallcrest.

Oren Nightthorn

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