Nentir Vale – Points of Light
Nentir Vale is the default setting of 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. It was specifically designed to be a looser, more customizable campaign setting than those seen in any previous editions. It emphasizes the danger of the wilderness and uncivilized areas, and the comparative safety of towns and civilization.

We’ll only be playing with only 4 fantasy races *Human, Elf, Dwarf, and Orc*. Other races exist but are from forgotten parts of the world, and not of the Nentir Vale. When you play a race you have narrative control in the culture of that race. “What kind of food do Orc’s like?”

When you choose a hometown you get narrative rights to it as well. How competent are the town guards? Where’s the best Inn to eat at? What kind of leadership does it run under? Is he a jerk, or a nice guy who hands out quests with lots of treasure?"


  • Fallcrest – Large City
  • Hammerfast – Dwarf Stronghold
  • Harkenwold – Elf Community
  • Winterhaven – Human Town
  • Nenlast – Orc Village

Experience Points Variant
Everyone earns experience points separately, but you only need 20 experience points to reach the next level. Balanced encounters are worth 2 experience points each, with harder ones being worth a point or two more. This keeps in line that it takes a character about 10 encounters to advance. There are also ways to gain an experience points with details below.

Personality Traits
Choose three traits that define your characters personality. Traits are adjectives that tell us the core of your character, Arrogant, brooding, mean-spirited are all good examples. Traits that are played well or compelled by the dungeon master can earn you an extra experience point at the end of an Adventure or in some cases during one if they make the game more interesting.

Mannerisms & Appearance
Define two mannerisms and an appearance for your character. Before you throw just anything out there think of them as macros that override rules or what’s not being said about your character at any given time. ‘When my hands are idle I shuffle a deck of three dragon ante.’ or ‘I always check dungeon doors for traps first before opening them.’ You can change your mannerisms at the beginning of a session. Appearance is your default “look” and the style you always give off. “I always have my big red wizards hat on out in public” is an appearance that’s important to you something others will always take note of it. If either your mannerisms or appearance come up in play at the end of a session you earn an experience point.

Companions & Allies
You have three slots to create allies and companions with. Allies are factions in the Nentir Vale, they’re the shady Thieves Guild you do jobs for, or the Holy Order of Paladins you uphold justice with. Companions are specific people that are important to your character. Companions will be apart of the game, but not apart of your adventuring party. Companions can be the local bartender you get the latest news from, or the old witch outside of town you owe your life to. You can have any mix you want of Companions or Allies but the limit is three. The best ones compliment your character concept in some way. Give them a name and a bit of fluff.

Your alignment allows you to define the consequences of your actions. If that consequence makes the game more interesting in the long term you can earn an experience point. Stevel gave the example after I save the orphanage from a fire, it’s enrages a unknown criminal element and he comes after me.

Improvisational Skill Rolls
Each difficulty class is assessed at easy, moderate or hard. These numbers change with each level and they’ll be noted on your character sheet for easy reference. If you use a skill in a way that’s not covered in the rules these guidelines are used to propel the story forward.

Narrative Control: Trained (PC)
Success: Pass + positive effect
Fail by 4: Pass + negative effect
Fail by 5 or More: Negative Effect

Narrative Control: Untrained (DM)
Success: Pass
Fail by 4: Negative effect
Fail by 5 or More: Badmedo

Nentir Vale

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